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Wind-Up Toy (Hey Stoopid, 1991)

“Wind-Up Toy” Lyrics:

Voices come from down the hall
In my room all painted white
I have my bat and rubber ball
I like to sleep with them at night

But now I’m all smiles
The good little shots must be winning
Guess they crank my dial
My motor is stalled
But my wheels are still spinning

Daddy won’t discuss me
What a state I must be
Mommy couldn’t stand
Living with a wind-up toy

All my friends live on the floor
Tiny legs and tiny eyes
They’re free to crawl under the door
And and someday soon so will I

But now I’m all smiles
These good little shocks must be working
I’m so happy now
Look my fingers don’t shake
And my head isn’t jerking

Daddy won’t discuss me
Oh what a pain I must be
Mommy couldn’t stand
Having such a wound-up boy

Doctors want to check me
Poke me and dissect me
What do they expect?
Feelings from a wind-up toy?
I don’t think so
I’m just a wind-up toy
A wind-up toy

I’m lost in a nightmare
Shiny white halls
Drawing rats on the wall

Solitary confinement
Chained in a cell
Got my own private hell

The preacher crucifies me
Warden wants to fry me
I was never young
Never just a little boy

Daddy won’t discuss me
Oh what a pain I must be
Mama couldn’t stand
Having such a wound-up boy

I’m just a wind-up toy
I’m just a wind-up toy
I’m just a wind-up
Wind-up toy
I’m so happy
I’m just a wind-up toy
Wa wa wa wind-up toy
Wa wind wind-up toy

They come here every night
I see them
Don’t you see them
Hmm that’s odd isn’t it
I’m so tired
I’m winding down
You’ll have to go now
It’s bedtime


Hey Stoopid‘ was released in 1991. This album featured a number of different artists from that time period including Slash (from Guns N’ Roses), Steve Vai, Ozzy Osbourne, Joe Satriani, and many more. It is the follow-up album to ‘Trash’ and keeps that same tone and feel in many ways – it’s an ‘in your face’ sort of album.

Wind-Up Toy‘ is the final track on the album and includes Joe Satriani on guitar. The song is the first time the character, Steven, reemerges after more than 15 years. The song definitely deals with the psychotic rants of someone that has been scarred, tortured, and/or abused in some form or fashion. There’s so many ways to look at the lyrics. Is Steven still a child – explaining how he feels? Is he an adult trapped in a mental state that forces him to relive his past – keeping him from being a responsible adult? Is he still stuck in the ‘Nightmare’? Is he in a mental ward, set apart from society and rotting away from the fears, rejections, and despair of his past? It seems all of these scenarios could apply. Either way he’s a troubled individual. And with any and all mental illness, there’s a certain amount of spiritual demise that comes with it. Satan wants nothing more than to lie to us and have us believe all the negative thoughts and feelings that accompany such illnesses.

In Romans 12:12, we find Paul pleading with the people. Telling them to, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Paul is telling them to be intentional and diligent in their faith. Don’t allow the uncontrollable variables in life to affect your heart, soul, and/or mind. The power and magnitude of our Lord is so much GREATER than our trials and tribulations. Seek Him as those things come and go – seek Him ALWAYS! Guard your mind against the slippery slope of depression and despair that parallels the thoughts we have when we focus on our surroundings and the events of this world. Vigilance in your faith and prayer is the key to warding off the enemy and keeping him at bay.

If you are someone that is struggling with mental health issues and thoughts, seek our Lord through prayer and the Word but also consult and pursue the counsel of a professional and others as well. Do your best not to allow the lies of the enemy and society to define and embody who you are. It’s a battle but one that you can win! The truth is – you are His, you are His creation, you belong. Our Heavenly Father wants nothing more than to be in communion with you through His Son and Spirit. It may be an uphill climb to get back on track, but it’s never impossible when faith and His Word are applied (Luke 1:37). When looking for a counselor, be careful. Often times medication might be needed, but applying and speaking His Word over the issue must not be ignored. Shots, meds, and shock therapy will never replace the fullness of God’s Love and acceptance. Let the words of Jonah 2:5-7 echo in your mind. That whatever darkness is surrounding you, He will bring you out of it. When life is fainting away, remember Him and send Him your prayers.

This leads to the final aspect of this post. How should we treat friends, family, and others dealing with some form of mental illness. Right off the bat, let’s settle something. It’s true sinful nature can be a cause of such illness, but it in NO WAY is the only cause. Love is the answer to helping those struggling with affliction. No amount of condemnation or chastisement is going to help another human being. Plus, we are not called to do so. The song speaks of Steven’s parents, the pastor, doctors, etc. all contributing to his state of mind. If instead he was approached by them with love and acceptance, would this maybe help change his morale? Speaking love, reading uplifting scripture, and praying with and for them is the proper approach. Hebrews 4:12 reminds us that the word of God is quick, powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword – it is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

In conclusion, it seems Alice has been labeled the ‘Santa Claus’ of Halloween. Therefore, it seems fitting that we focus today on this song. Alice deems this song the #1 scariest song in a list of others he’s ranked. It is pretty frightening to think about the things that go through the mind of folks struggling with mental illness. However, we should instead rebuke that fear and instead allow the TRUTH of His word to permeate into those that are suffering and our own lives as well. Stand firm on Isaiah 41:10, knowing that fear is not from God – instead draw strength from Him. Love and encourage each other through all of life’s trials and tribulations. Leaving you with this verse, know that His peace is pure and passes all understanding.

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.“ – 2 Corinthians 4:16-17

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