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What is “Fridays with Alice”?

“Fridays with Alice” is a blog that looks at God’s Word from a fresh, new perspective. It is a scripture-based endeavor. One that will take the songs and interviews of Alice Cooper and apply them to what God says about who we are in Him and who He wants us to be. We celebrate in knowing Alice as a Brother in Christ and are excited to share with you this project called, “Fridays with Alice… The Gospel according to Alice Cooper”.

Why write these posts?

Never in my wildest dreams did I think the Lord would call me to write a scripture-based blog about the Songs, Interviews, and Life of Alice Cooper. But He continues to surprise me, and I stand in Awe of Him and thank Him for this opportunity. I also thank Him for our Brother in Christ, Alice Cooper. A man that I’ve come to find fascinating. Someone that doesn’t put Christianity in a box – only willing to share Him with those that fill the pews on a Sunday morning. He steps out in his faith – willing to risk persecution to remain true to his calling from the Lord.

As a kid growing up, I loved music (especially Hard Rock). I’ll never forget buying my first album, Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet”. From the ages of 10 up through High School and College, music defined me. I was a lost kid for the most part. Using music to escape from the world – from the pressures of school, the troubles I had fitting in, the dysfunction in my family, the confusion of adolescence, etc. When I needed to leave this world, I would slip on a pair of headphones – whether it was on the bus to school, in my room, at my church, etc. – it didn’t matter. Music was my defense, my shield.

However, at the age of 14, something happened. I was asked by a very dear friend to come see her brother’s band play at our church. But this wouldn’t be any ordinary experience. Wearing a Skid Row t-shirt and sporting a mullet, I was prepared to see just how hard this band was gonna rock. The band’s name was S.O.S., a local Christian band. These guys were using their music and talents to spread the Word of God and sharing their testimonies of faith. I’ll never forget that concert – I accepted the call and became a follower of Christ that night. What was once my escape, had just led me to the feet of Jesus. I rejoice looking back and I’m thankful for those men that took up the banner and accepted that call.

So, that leads me back to this – my calling to write this blog. Well, it’s simple really. Music has never really become any less of who I am. I still enjoy Hard Rock and Metal. Although, it’s usually Christian-based or at least positive these days, but I can’t deny that a few Guns N’ Roses, Def Leppard, Kiss tunes, etc. still come through the speakers from time to time. But today and now, Christ is my escape, He gets the Glory. Every now and then there’s an album or a song that takes me back to the heart of my walk – the very first time I laid my life at His feet.

Back in 1996, I made a discovery that would forever change my outlook on life and rock forever. Alice Cooper’s CD, “The Last Temptation” caught my eye. After reading the track listings, I decided to pick it up. I was completely blown away by the shear grit and power of the album with an unabashed stance on Good and Evil. I was incredibly impressed. I was still a very young Christian at that point, only 5 years into the Faith. Barely rooted and constantly searching for the answers He provides to life’s questions, but this album helped more than any of the Christian artists I had been listening to. It showed me that I am a new creation in Christ. That I had accepted an invitation into His family, and that choosing Him was the greatest decision I could have ever made. With that decision, I’ve been delivered from the clutches of the enemy. As the years have passed, I’ve learned more and more about myself and this new creation I’ve become in Him. I’ll do my best to tell my story through the ‘Eyes of Alice Cooper’ and his lyrics. I hope you learn more about our Lord and more about yourself through the process.

My prayer is that your hearts and minds are opened by this blog, website, and community. That you truly see how much you are Loved by our Father and Creator… enough that He would send His own son to die for you and your sins (John 3:16). After each post, I will leave you with the prayer of salvation. If this is your first encounter with Christ, I rejoice with you and pray that you seek Him daily – asking Him to meet you where you are. He will be there in your darkest hour, addressing your every need. If you haven’t asked Him into your heart, Today is the day. God Bless you! And God Bless Alice Cooper!

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