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The Sound of A (Paranormal, 2017)

“The Sound of A” Lyrics:

The sound of A is in the air
The sound of A is everywhere
With the sound of a gun
And you run
Yeah, yeah, yeah

The sound of A is all around
The sound of A is underground
It will creep into your bone
When you’re alone
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Meaningless noise is everybody’s toys
Meaningless noise is everybody’s toys
Meaningless noise is everybody’s toys

The sound of A will keep you down
With that cruel, peculiar sound
It will shoot into your brain
And remain
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Meaningless noise is everybody’s toys
Meaningless noise is everybody’s toys
Meaningless noise is everybody’s toys

The Sound of A‘ from the Paranormal LP is our next focus. A creepy song influenced heavily by the psychedelic movement in the late 60s – the story that comes with this song is fascinating. Dennis Dunaway, original bass player for the Alice Cooper band, brought the song into the mix for the Paranormal album. The song is reported to be the very first song written by Alice, dating back to 1967. A fact Alice had forgotten. Many interpretations and suggestions have been made about the song – from the ‘A’ meaning Alice Cooper’s music to a more ambiguous meaning of whatever you want it to be – the sound of anything so to speak. However after hearing it again some 50 years later, Cooper soon remembered his thought process behind the song.

“We were talking about the idea of doing a sci-fi thing where the sound of A (the musical note) was piped into every house and kept everybody on a kind of even keel,” Alice states. “If they wanted to change your mood, they would change the tone. To A-minor. Or C. Or some augmented chord. And you were controlled by the sound.”

What a concept. Straight out of ‘The Twilight Zone’ type stuff. However, think about where we are today. This song actually has a prophetic vibe attached to it when you think about where humanity resides at this moment in history. “Meaningless noise” radiates from our phones, computers, televisions, radios, etc. in the form of tweets, text messages, alerts, newscasts, etc. Noises which set the tone of our day, tell us how to feel, and what to think, yet somehow still link us (if only digitally) to one another. It’s odd, but technology has connected us with people half way across the globe (shrinking the size of the world), yet we barely spend time with those around us. You can almost hear the voice of Rod Serling narrating a state of fantasy describing the aforementioned things – yet now reality daily resides between the ‘pit of fear’ and ‘the summit of knowledge’.

What’s even more odd!?!? Today’s reality seems to have flipped morally as well. Things that were once considered inappropriate are now simply a part of everyday living. There’s no need to make a list of such immoral topics. Our consciences are still in tact, we are inherently programmed to know what’s right and wrong, what works and doesn’t work, where peace comes from (John 16:33). But we rarely use that discernment. We see things and instead of turning them off or deleting them from our lives – we decide, “eh, it could be worse”, and keep allowing our feeble minds to soak up the smut, the unrest, and the lies. Ultimately, we decide to drown out our moral compass. This isn’t some vitriolic rant about or against the world, instead it’s a call for us to guard our hearts and minds from what we know is wrong (Psalms 119:1, Proverbs 4:23). Don’t be afraid to voice concerns about things that you are uncomfortable with, but do it amiably. Any act done with malice or hate attached to it is NOT from the Holy Spirit (1 John 2:9-17). Defending our faith and what we believe should be accomplished with love and compassion towards fellow men and women. Lift up those you disagree with, show them love in spite of their sins (the same way Christ shows us love in spite of ours) (Ephesians 4:29).

We have been called to be different (Romans 12:2). Doing our best to cut out the ‘meaningless’ things and replacing those with His meaning and purpose. With Faith. With Hope. With Love. (1 Corinthians 13:13) Stop and think about the thoughts and things we spend our time with on this earth. A good portion of that time is spent worrying about, wishing for, or wondering about things that will never even come to fruition. We struggle with this notion that happiness and something more can be found and attained if we just had a better car, a better house, a better spouse, better friends, better family, etc, A wise pastor once said, “The grass is NOT greener elsewhere; It’s greener where you water it!” That applies to our walk with the Lord also. We’ve seen this in the lives of others and ourselves from time to time.

When God speaks, it’s often a whisper (Matthew 10:27, 1 Kings 19:12). And with the ‘Sound of A(nything)’ drowning out His voice, it’s often hard to hear or know what He’s saying. This is a lot like a father or mother’s relationship with their children. It doesn’t seem as if the world randomly tries to get our attention by screaming at us as loud as possible (so loud and impersonal that you can hear the deafening clamor from across a room or building). It’s an intentional act keeping us distracted from Him and His voice. Our Heavenly Father wants and needs us close to Him in order for us to “hear” what He is trying to tell us. He yearns for closeness and relationship much like a parent yearns to embrace and comfort their child(ren) as well.

To hear His whispers, you must be seeking a relationship with Him. But how do we get in close proximity to Him? By searching Him out through His Word. Communicating with Him through Prayer. Seeking His Guidance along the way. It takes time, practice, patience, etc. – it’s a process. Yet there’s always something new to learn. There’s no right or wrong way – it’s the progression that works and strengthens you. But what is inevitably true is that he is not far from ANY of us (Acts 17:27). We just tend to keep Him at arm’s length instead of allowing Him to wrap His arms around us.

Now imagine another episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’. This episode like other shows and series has a religious theme attached to it. Often times, an episode like this shows people following a leader or some prophet but imagine in this episode that there is no leader. No David Koresh. No Bob Jones. No Charles Manson. Just the Word of God. No one altering it, pulling it out of context, or using it as a bloody pulpit. In fact, the people in this episode follow the two basic principles of Christ: 1) Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and 2) Love your neighbor as yourself. By following these two rules, laws, guidelines, whatever you want to call them, the people in this episode are willing to set aside their differences. Instead finding and walking with each other based on the things they agree upon. Respecting one another. Loving one another. Helping one another. It’s a utopian principle, but isn’t this what we expect to see one day in the Kingdom of Heaven? Should we not be setting aside the things that ail and hinder us – keeping us separated – instead accomplishing our part to bring His Kingdom here, to earth.

In conclusion, it’s an interesting concept. One that God calls us to but seems exhausting and/or frustrating to attain. How on earth are we all supposed to get along on this floating sphere called earth? With so many different thoughts, creeds, theologies, and other ‘Sounds of A’ streaming into the air, how are we supposed to all live in harmony? It’s interesting. Have you ever approached someone in Love? Like really approached them with compassion – His compassion. If so, how were you accepted? It’s almost shocking, this day in age, to be approached that way. But the truth is, they or you would most likely embrace, or at least respect, that approach, even if you disagreed, if there was genuine concern attached. Taking a stand for something you hold dear using that mode would be much more effective. The truth combined with consideration is a mighty force. Alice was once quoted saying, “It might sound absolutely insane coming from me, but what the world needs is a good shot of morality.” May the Lord ‘shoot’ that into our ‘brains and it remain’. But in the meantime, maybe we should learn to tune into the Sound of ‘L’. The sound of nails driven into wood. The sound of compassion being poured out for humanity. The sound that has the power to heal and forgive. The Sound of Love. Morality applied with Love is a rare but contagious thing. Allow Him to change hearts and minds while you share with them His Love.

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