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Second Coming (Love It To Death, 1971)

“Second Coming” Lyrics:

I couldn’t tell
If the bells were getting louder
The songs they ring I finally recognize
I only know hell is getting hotter
The devil’s getting smarter all the time

And it would be nice
To walk upon the water
To talk again to angels
On my side

Time is getting closer
I read it on a poster

Fanatical exposers
On corners prophecy

It would be nice
To walk upon the water
To talk again to angels
At my side

I just come back to show you
All my words are golden
So have no gods before me
I’m the Light

Love It To Death‘, the third studio album, was released in 1971. At this point, Alice Cooper was still a band and this album saw their first dose of commercial success. The band enlisted Bob Ezrin to produce the album and the album’s success earned them favor with Warner Bros. – paving the way for future albums. ‘I’m Eighteen’, ‘Ballad of Dwight Fry’, and ‘Caught in a Dream’ became some of the more popular songs off the album. The supporting tour for this album also introduced the nurse dragging Alice off stage with him coming back bound in a straightjacket and execution by the electric chair as well.

Second Coming‘ is one of the shorter tracks on the album. But the music and lyrics are powerful and insightful. The song serves as a reminder of what it’s like to be in God’s presence and ends with a warning about the Truth of Christ’s Return. We will be looking at this song from those two viewpoints: 1) that reminder or inner voice of God that yearns for us to walk with Him and 2) the Second Coming of Christ.

The Inner Voice
Recognizing and knowing God’s still, small voice doesn’t have to be a difficult task – but it definitely can be. Once a person has been introduced to the truth, that voice begins speaking to one’s conscience – delivering bits of information (i.e. right from wrong, deliverance from evil, etc). Elijah (1 Kings 19:12) and Habakkuk (Hab. 2:2) both knew the sound of God speaking to them, yet they learned it’s best to seek Him in silence – away from distractions (also referenced in Psalms 62:5). This can be a daunting task at this point in history. Constant bombardment from calls, texts, emails, social media, etc. leave us exhausted and wanting to either tune in to every detail (missing God’s voice or confusing it with the commotion) or tune out everything (missing God’s voice because we ignore it). However, we must learn how to tune out the world without tuning out God as well.

In the song, the singer (Alice) pleads to return to a time when he heard God’s voice and was embraced by His Light. He addresses walking on the water as well. This seems to be a reference to Peter. Walking on the water while Peter’s eyes, mind, and heart were focused on Christ (Matt. 14:22-33). However, much like Peter in those verses, the song eludes to someone that has taken their eyes off of Christ; no longer focused or walking with Him. Someone that is sinking instead of rising above the wind and waves. Someone that has become distracted or chosen to ignore that inner voice – instead seeking other things, earthly things.

The song ends with a declaration from Christ to the singer…basically, calling that person back to the fold (Luke 15:3-7). Calmly declaring that He (Christ) is the only way to the Father then shouting He is the Light – or the Way, the Truth, the Life, the gateway to the Father (John 14:6).

Stop and think about this song for a moment. This song is most assuredly a discussion between someone and God. Essentially, that person crying out saying, ‘God I want to be with you and walk with you again.’ Almost asking how do I get back to that point? God doesn’t ignore them. Instead, He answers first with a calm, mellow answer but ends up shouting ‘I’m the Light’. While God often answers in whispers or lesser known ways, He does from time to time use a much louder or drastic measure to get our attention. Are there times you can remember when God answered you quietly? Loudly?

Wrapping up this section, there are spontaneous thoughts and ideas that pop into our heads as we walk, grow, and live our lives. Those do NOT only come from our Creator but also from the enemy. God has provided us with His Word to decipher those. When you have those thoughts or certain ideas come to mind ask yourself this question – Do these things line up with Scripture and the names of our Lord? For instance, thoughts from our Lord should enlighten, encourage, and promote our well-being – He is our Teacher, Counselor, Giver of Life, Deliverer, Healer, etc (paraphrasing James 3:17). On the flip side, thoughts and ideas from the enemy imply doom, misery, anxiety, doubt, selfishness, etc . – he is the enemy, deceiver, destroyer, and thief (paraphrasing James 3:14-15). Train your ear and know the difference.

The Second Coming of Christ
The song also issues a warning at the end. It’s subtle but it’s there. The line ‘have no gods before me’ is a cautionary appeal to our hearts. Our lives are short and His return grows closer each day (Revelation 22:12). Therefore, it’s imperative that we stay focused and ready for His return. Not only for ourselves but for those that do and do NOT know Him. It is our responsibility to help others know and prepare for His return (Matt. 28:18-20). When that still small voice pleas for you to uplift, enlighten, encourage, etc. another person know it’s a thought from Him and submit to His Will.

Afterthoughts from our Spotlight Series: Patrick Shipley, friend of this site and bassist for the band Faith Head, mentioned ‘Second Coming’ in our interview with him. During his prodigal years, this song held weight and reminded him of the truth. In the interview, he talks about a special moment he and his dad shared musically regarding the song while off the record we discussed more about the depth of the lyrics. Shipley stated that ‘pride and rebellion wouldn’t let him give in to the longing we, as Christians, have for righteousness.’ Instead latching on to ‘hatred for self-righteous people who he felt would judge him if he were to come crawling back’. He went on to explain the ‘heartache he endured wanting to again be embraced by the warmth of the Holy Spirit – God’s Light’. The song pricked at his heart like no other. It’s amazing to see God using Alice even during some of his crazier, more provocative years – using this song to help instill that still, small voice in the minds of his fans and those that actually listened to the heartfelt words and pleas in the music. Thank the Lord for Alice’s ear to listen and write such a song, and for Patrick’s willingness to accept and listen to that inner voice calling him back to the fold. (NOTE: The full interview with Patrick can be found here

In conclusion, this week’s song is humbling to say the least. It’s also an earlier one written and performed on the band’s third album. Another evident display of the seeds planted in Alice’s life and the yearning he’s felt to walk with our Creator throughout his life and career. Know that we here at ‘Fridays with Alice’ are praying that your walk with Him is a blessed one. We encourage you to continue pushing on, listening to the voice of your Creator, Counselor, Comforter, Redeemer, Savior, Friend. His words and ways are precious and lead us to a life everlasting. Amen.

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