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I Never Wrote Those Songs (Lace & Whiskey, 1977)

“I Never Wrote Those Songs” Lyrics:

My tape recorder
It must be lyin’
‘Cause this I just can’t believe
I hear a voice that’s cryin’
That’s not me

The wheel goes round
I hear a sound
It’s comin’ out all wrong
And I swear to you I never wrote that song

I been livin’ in my own shell so long
The only place I ever feel at home

And oh, that music
I hate those lyrics
It stayed inside me so long
And I swear to you I never wrote that song

But pardon me
I’m not lookin’ for sympathy
Not sympathy
I’m just thinking out loud
The melody
It goes nowhere pointlessly
Silence please

I been livin’ in my own shell so long
The only place I ever feel at home

And oh, that music
I hate those lyrics
It stayed inside me so long
And I swear to you I never

This week we revisit ‘Lace and Whiskey‘ the album released in 1977. Last time we looked at this album, the song ‘My God’ was highlighted and discussed. This week we will be talking about ‘I Never Wrote Those Songs’. A song that deals with the shame, guilt, and denial that often accompanies past events or regretted actions. We will be using this post to discuss what God says about our past and look at where guilt, shame, and regret come from.

I Never Wrote Those Songs‘ is a pretty deep song philosophically and spiritually. If you peel back the lyrical surface, you find the psyche of someone questioning how they got where they are and denying the things they did that got them there (sometimes blaming others around them). ‘Oh, that music – I hate those lyrics – It stayed inside me so long – And I swear to you I never wrote that song’, this line holds so much truth. Think about a time in your life when you weren’t quite sure why you felt the way you did – maybe you were hostile towards family, selfishly living only for yourself, bitterly holding a grudge against a friend/colleague, drowning out other people around you with substances, etc. The list goes on. Looking back is not always easy. Yet the best way to move forward is by accepting the things you’ve done then moving towards reconciliation and repentance.

Pulling this song apart even further, let’s deal with each of those topics: 1) guilt, 2) shame, and 3) regret. The first thing to know about each is that none of them are from the Lord. They are tools used by the enemy to keep us locked in stagnation – crippled, lost, and separated from the Love of our Lord. They each have their own way of keeping us hindered though. And the combination of the three can cause major interruptions with and to our faith. Here’s the breakdown of each and how to fight them.

Guilt. There’s this HUGE movement going on at the moment, and it’s tearing the church apart in some ways. The topic of ‘hyper grace’ has many Christians, Pastors, and even non-believers confused about what Christ’s death meant for the world. Not to downplay that debate or call out anyone, but it seems fairly simple. In John 3:17, it clearly states that, “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.” With condemnation comes guilt, without condemnation comes freedom. Romans 8:1 reminds us that, ‘there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.’ God’s word has declared that those of us that have claimed Him in our hearts and declare Him as Lord are guilt-free. If that’s ‘hyper grace’, then that’s what He’s offered us – righteousness through His blood shed for us. Guilt, the enemy’s tool, only keeps us from fully accepting who we are in Him – a new creation.

Shame. In Genesis 2:25, it reads, “And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed”. Keep in mind this was before the fall of man – before original sin had taken hold. Life was and is perfect when the enemy has been removed from the equation. When we allow him to intercede and cause mischief in our lives that’s when the shame from our past starts to sneak back in. It’s easy to listen to those lies if we aren’t careful. Our faith is founded upon constantly seeking Him. Seeking Him in times of celebration, times of pain, times of joy, times of sorrow – in all times and all seasons of life. By accepting and embracing Galatians 2:20, we recognize that once we have accepted Christ, we have been crucified with Him, no longer living as we did but instead Him living through us. Our old life is gone, our new life recreated in Him. There’s no shame in who we were, but celebration in who we have become through Him. Instead of shame, our past lives are a testament to the power of His blood and the transformation His Love and Grace offer us.

Regret. This one holds so many back. Living in a state of regret is something that has no use whatsoever for any one, let alone Christians. There’s no changing the events that have taken place in your life but there is a way to make amends. As you have breath and know Him to be Lord, you will know that He has brought you where you are (Philippians 3:13-15). Regret leaves you locked in the past. Paralyzed and refusing to run the race. His Glory is found in our present NOT dwelling in our past. God will use whatever events or obstacles you ‘regret’ as vehicles for His glory. Romans 8:28 calls all of those that love God to have faith and know that ‘all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.’ If you have accepted Him and know Him as Lord, you have been called according to His purpose. Have faith and know that what you see as regretful actions the Lord uses to mold you through salvation, delivering you from death (2 Corinthians 7:10).

In conclusion, it’s time to let go of the lies. The lies used by the enemy. The Lord knows your pains, your hurts, your sorrows. He knows the suffering you’ve been through. He wants those lies removed and replaced by His TRUTH. His LOVE. His LIGHT. His MERCY. His GRACE. His SON. ‘Lord bless the souls of those reading this post. May they know you are Lord, Creator, Father, Abba. May they bless your Holy Name! You have forgiven our sins – every one. You have healed our sickness – every one. You redeemed us from the pits of hell – saving our lives. You crown us with your love and mercy – a crown of paradise. You wrap us in your goodness – an eternal splendor. You rejuvenate our lives – making us young in your presence. May we lean on your Word and rest assured in your arms. Amen.” (paraphrasing the prayers prayed in Psalms 103: 2-4).

LAST NOTE: When the enemy tries to use these tools, find strength in His Word and shout those lines (from Psalms 103:2-4 or any other prayer) to Him – knowing that He will lift your soul and make you anew through His Wisdom, Grace, and Mercy.

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