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Killer (Killer, 1971)

“Killer” Lyrics:

What did I do to deserve such a fate
I didn’t really want to get
Involved in this thing
Someone handed me this gun and I
I gave it everything
Yeah, I gave it everything

I came into this life
Looked all around
I saw just what I liked
And took what I found

Nothing came easy
Nothing came free
Nothing came at all until they
Came after me

Yeah-hey, yeah

I didn’t really want to get
Involved in this thing
Someone handed me this gun and I
I gave it everything
Yeah, I gave it everything

Released in late 1971, “Killer” is the Alice Cooper band’s fourth studio album. Reaching #21 on the Billboard 200, the record continued to propel the group forward into the limelight of the music industry. With songs like “Under My Wheels,” “Be My Lover,” “Desperado,” “Halo of Flies,” and “Dead Babies,” the LP dishes up classics which are still often performed some 45+ years later. Many fans and critics believe this to be the best Alice Cooper LP recorded during the band years. Alice agrees that it might be their best album “as far as pure Rock ‘n’ Roll goes.” It is a definitive 70s Classic Rock record – raw and unapologetic.

This record is iconic, and every song will no doubt be covered in this blog at some point. This week we look at the title track. “Killer” is a confession of sorts. A dark song sometimes used during the execution sequence of the stage show. It conveys the feelings portrayed by a criminal as they are tried, sentenced, and punished for their crimes. While the song mentions the crimes are those of a murderer, the lines carry with them the guilt, pain, and consequences of all sin. Lyrics such as, “What did I do to deserve such a fate,” “I didn’t really want to get involved in this thing,” “I just saw what I liked and took what I found,” imply that the criminal did not seek out to commit their crimes. They just sort of happened along the way. In other lines, the criminal is actually passing the blame off on someone or something else, stating, “Someone handed me this gun.” How often do we make such claims? How often do we find ourselves stuck in a lie or a situation that we never intended? If or when that’s happened to you, where do you turn? How do or did you handle it?

The song transitions from an almost sinister, nonchalant declaration of the crimes committed into a Rock-based breakout session then into an instrumental postlude dominated by an organ. It’s as if the song is a 3-part production resembling the crime committed and life on the run, a trial and conviction, then finally the execution of the criminal. The somber tones of the organ during the postlude are reminiscent of a funeral, or the music one might hear at the end of the service as pallbearers carry the casket to the hearse. Then at the very end of the song, there’s mass chaos. Eerie screams and sounds that chill you to the core – like nails scraping across a chalkboard. Could they be the sound of a soul descending into Hell? The sound of fate bestowed upon someone for their crimes? Someone with no representation as they stand in judgment before God? The visualizations of what is taking place during those screams are chilling, to say the least. Shock rock at its finest. Rock that makes you ponder and think a little deeper.

It’s interesting. The sins and crimes of humanity are many. But they all lead to death. We are all killers in that regard. We kill ourselves and others around us with our sins – murder, blasphemy, pride, dishonesty, lust, and so on. It doesn’t really matter what flare or taste of sin is used. The consequences are death. Not physical death – although there is an element of that – but instead Spiritual death. Stop and give some thought to that. How many times do we rationalize sin by categorizing it? Well, it’s just a little white lie. I didn’t really mean to hurt anybody else. It’s not my problem, I’m above such things. At least, I never “killed” anyone. “It is what it is.” These are the lies we feed ourselves concerning sin. It’s that age-old trap that humanity often allows itself to believe. That somehow we aren’t really vile and wretched people. That we don’t really need the covering of our Lord. However, we must know that sin is a profound discrepancy between who we are and who we were created to be (Romans 5:13-14). It’s a painful yet vital lesson to learn.

The book of Romans is where a good portion of this week’s discussion comes from. Paul had much to say about sin and its consequences. Paul, a man, plagued by the guilt of his past and the crimes he committed, masterfully shows us that we are never truly free. We serve one of two different masters. However, there is a tremendous difference between the two. One master keeps us enslaved in bondage while the other master allows us to live freely even as we serve Him. Romans 6:15-23 deals with the two choices we are given. Whom shall we choose to serve – ourselves (sin) or God? While the decision is free to make, it is not free from consequence.

The master of a life led by sin pays its followers a lifetime of “you’re not good enough.” It’s a life that makes you feel as if you need more and more. It leaves you with a feeling of emptiness. You find yourself thinking, “if I just worked a little harder” or just “had that one last high” or “that one other possession – a car, a boat, a larger house, etc.”, I would be happy, yet in the end, you’re left with nothing except eternal damnation. On the other side, the master of a life led by Him, and His Will, pays His followers a lifetime of “Love and fulfillment.” It’s not an easy life, but you often find rest and contentment along the way. It leaves you with a feeling of hope and rest. You find yourself focusing less on your circumstances and more on His purpose. You find yourself looking for the “tasks” He’s left for you to complete. You find that life’s fulfillment is found in others, not in things, and in the end, you’re given eternal life and peace everlasting. It’s really quite that simple. Choosing a life walked with Christ does not mean you are free from sin. However, it does mean that you are no longer a slave to it. Sin no longer controls or consumes you.

Let’s take that one step further. In last week’s interview, Alice made a significant statement that we didn’t get the chance to discuss. He stated that “premeditated sin is the same as 1st-degree murder.” What a profound statement. Stop and think about that. Do you find yourself planning when, where, how, and/or why you are going to commit your next sin? If so, ask yourself another question. Who are you ultimately serving in the process? There is only one of two answers that address that question.

Some folks get lost or hung up on perspective. There’s this notion that being a slave or submitting to something is a form of weakness. That somehow a life lived on our own apart from God is freedom…Romans 7:7-25 depicts a much different narrative. Ever since the original sin, committed in the Garden of Eden, humanity has been “infected.” With the enemy’s constant “venomous” whispers in our ear, we have decided that rebelling and choosing our own path is a better approach. That somehow our Father (our Creator) doesn’t really know what He’s talking about, that we know better. However, once we see His true nature and character, His grace and mercy, we actually recognize Him restricting us from actions and attitudes that ultimately will harm us. We can then see that His laws are placed there to keep us from hurting ourselves and others around us. They are regulations set there by His Love. The Love of a Father for His children.

So, where do we go from here? It’s really a matter of choice and decision. Who will you follow? The Author of Life or the author of lies. Unfortunately, there is no third option. No grey area. No line teeter-tottering between the two. It is merely a choice that must be made at some point in this life, not after. Unfortunately, we can’t ask for the counsel and representation from our Lord while we stand trial before the Father. We can’t request Christ to represent us when we were never willing to accept Him.

QUICK SIDE NOTE HERE: Imagine how heartbreaking it must be for Him. To come down to Earth, only to be mocked, tortured, beaten, and crucified. To give His life so that we may have an eternal one. But still not be accepted by the world in its entirety. His invitation is right there ready for the taking, all we need do is receive the request. To RSVP. To accept His love. To answer His call. What more can He do to save us?

Read over the lyrics of the song one more time and notice something. Notice the attitude of the criminal. The brashness of their statements. The arrogance. The transference of blame. They somehow believe they are the victim. As if their actions are merited because of some injustice that has been served them. As if the world owes them something. Do you feel this way? Do you see yourself as a victim? Many of us have indeed been victims of crimes here on Earth. But does that give us the right to commit crimes of our own? Two wrongs do NOT make a right (1 Thessalonians 5:15). Sin is not destroyed by sin. It is instead erased by obedience (Acts 3:19). Not by obedience to a tyrannical dictator but instead obedience to a loving father. Our Heavenly Father. Who loves us and wants nothing more than for us to grow and prosper as His children (1 John 4:9-10).

Wrapping this up, take some time to reflect on your outlook on life. Do you see yourself as a victim? As being guilty? As a child loved by their Father? Force yourself to really get to the bottom of your heart’s desire. Find and know what it is that really motivates you. Is it Love? Is it hate? Is it sin? Is it Him? As we journey through this thing called life, we must ask ourselves some pretty severe questions along the way. An excellent place to start is by asking yourself who it is you serve? From there, you can begin to navigate life’s waters with meaning and purpose.

In conclusion, the Alice Cooper character has been tried, convicted, and executed on stage thousands of times in the past 50 years. He’s met his fate by electrocution, hung from a noose, and beheaded by a guillotine. Yet he continues to come roaring back only to live out the same scenarios night after night – like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. In the early 70s, the concert would often end with Alice hung at the gallows. The show would end, and no one would know if it was just a trick or if they had just witnessed the actual hanging of a man, a criminal, a victim. With time, the show has evolved to feature Alice returning to the stage. Often presenting his own head to the audience, hoisting it up as if to say “you can’t kill me.” He’s also often dressed all in white with blood on his clothes. Is that his blood? Or could this Alice, all dressed in white, be the product of His Savior? A new creation washed white as snow with reminders of the blood spilled for him and all humanity. The blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

That’s it for this week. Be well and catch you next Friday!

In the meantime, Keep Walkin’ in Faith and Rockin’ with Alice!

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