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Escape (Welcome to My Nightmare, 1975)

“Escape” Lyrics:

Paint on my cruel or happy face
I hide me behind it
It takes me inside another place
Where no-one can find it
I get out when I can
Anytime I can
Let’s all Escape
I’m crying in my beer
C’mon lets Escape
Just get me out of here

Don’t get me wrong, don’t get me right
I’m not like you are
When I get home from work at night
I’m blacker and bluer

So I escape
I get out when I can
Yeah I escape
Anytime I can
Let’s all escape
I’m crying in my beer
Just get me out of here

But where am I running to?
There’s no place to go
Just put on my makeup and get me to the show

Yeah, Escape
What are you waiting for?

My doctor said just come around
You’ll be taken care of
And while he ran my problems down
I stole his mascara

That’s how I escape
I get out when I can
I escape
Anyway I can
I escape
I’m crying in my beer
Lets Escape
Just get me out of here
Let’s get out while we can
Let’s escape
Anyway we can
C’mon let’s escape
Nobody wants us around here anyway
What are we waiting for
C’mon all of you let’s escape
Escape, Escape, Escape, Escape, Escape
(repeat to fade)

This week we take another look at the “Welcome To My Nightmare” album. Released in 1975, Alice’s 1st solo album brings excitement and flare back to the stage. A record and stage show with a stated goal and concept, the “Welcome To My Nightmare” experience is one that many fans, critics, and music historians remember fondly. An intense mixture of songs that combine elements of Shock, Rock, Horror, Jazz, and hints of Funk into a tightly-knit record. Coupled with a vaudeville-style stage show that left a few fans scratching their heads but many more folks loving every minute of the performance. At this point, Alice’s drinking had really taken a turn for the worse. He stated, “We were working six nights a week, selling out every show, for two years. We worked so hard for two years, that it literally almost killed me, just because of the fact that I drank so much just to try and keep up with it.” Luckily, the “Nightmare” did NOT kill him.

The record includes many songs still used in his shows. Songs like “Devil’s Food,” “The Black Widow,” “Cold Ethyl,” “Steven,” and “Only Women Bleed.” The LP concludes with the song “Escape.” A traditional Alice Cooper anthem, in that, it gives the listener a sense of celebratory fanfare. Much like “School’s Out” and “I’m Eighteen,” the song demands your attention from the very beginning and leaves you almost marching to the beat as it fades in the end. The lyrics of the song are ones we find present at many stages in life. Lines like, “Paint on my cruel or happy face, I hide behind it” then “It takes me inside another place, Where no-one can find it.” Does this not define us at work, or life in general, building our reputations, surviving circumstances, and navigating through stressful events strung across days and months throughout our year? Is it not what we most often yearn to “Escape” from – the everyday minutia of it all? The grind and hard work that sorta makes life no fun. It seems we definitely need to get away sometimes, but how do we protect ourselves from staying there – settling for fantasy instead of reality?

The world has done a masterful job of providing humanity with numerous forms of “Escape” and retreat. This includes everything from video games-to-movies-to-virtual reality-to-sports-to-drugs-to-all other forms of distraction. This leads us to a life lived mainly focused on something other than what is right in front of us. There’s nothing wrong with entertainment, activities, sports, or even a little “fantasy.” God wants us to live a joyful life. He wants us (His children) to have fun during our time on Earth.

A trip to Disneyland, reading a book, watching your favorite show or movie, listening to music, etc. – these things on there OWN are NOT a hindrance to our walk or faith. However, ask yourself some questions. Has your form of entertainment become excessive? Has it become a form of “Escape” that has hindered your faith or your walk? Have you become so consumed with distractions that you never progress any further? Further in your career? Further in your walk? Further in your faith? Further in your love for others or your Love for Christ? 1 Corinthians 6:12 reads, “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be enslaved by anything.” Paul was warning the people of Corinth NOT to become too consumed by their freedom through Christ. So obsessed that it ends up causing them to stumble. Leaving them stagnant in their faith and never propelling further into His Word or His Will for their lives.

It’s easy to get distracted in this life. No matter what you’ve been told, fun, relaxation, and entertainment aren’t bad things, they are just something we should keep in check. As we navigate through life’s rapids, the need or want just to relax and enjoy our chosen “distraction” can very quickly commit us to a lifetime of settling. We wake up days, months, years later and wonder how we got, or strayed, there. This is where many find themselves stagnated, having been slowly lured and enticed by their own desires. (James 1:14). Again, this is not some rant about any of the things mentioned above. Like all other parts of our faith, it’s a plea for self-evaluation. The main question to take away from this discussion is, “Have you settled?”

For the sake of this conversation, “settling” means we are willing to take less. Less than what our Heavenly Father has planned for us. By NOT paying attention, we’ll never realize His plan for our lives (Mark 4:19). It means we have decided to sit, remain, or dwell in a comfortable place. When we settle spiritually, it affects all the aspects of our life. God calls us to great and magnificent things. When we abandon our journey with Him, we stop before He’s been allowed to show us His full brilliance and majesty. He wants us to keep going. Keep striving forward, carrying out His Will. Keep seeking His face. Keep “showing up.” Being consistent and diligent is vital. It keeps us from neglecting our purpose and finding our peace and happiness in this life. (2 Timothy 2:15)

Life is inherently busy…it is so easy for us to get caught up in the circumstances of life. If there was only more money or if I was only more able, if I was just a little younger, if I was only a bit more “x” or if things were just a bit more “y,” these are the lies that the enemy uses to contain us. The lies that keep us stagnant in our journeys, but God calls us to keep going forward. Despite the circumstances, keep rising. Keep following. If you settle now, you are willing to accept mediocrity in your destination instead of His greatness – His target for your life. Life is not lived on what’s been done. Life is lived on what is still to come. Remember these things. Your circumstances and your failures in life, do NOT define you. Your rise to His purpose is what defines you.

SIDE NOTE: Stop and think about that. How reassuring is that? God never loses his desire to have us as a valuable part of His team and His plans. You will never be “too old” or forced into “retirement.” We, His children, are comprised of all different ages, classes, occupations, and walks of life. We are all extraordinarily loved and useful to His kingdom until the day we are called Home.

Look no further than the life of Paul concerning circumstances. Paul was imprisoned 5 ½ to 6 years during his ministry. He could have called it quits. The apostle could have allowed his circumstances and surroundings to dictate his relationship and journey with God. Instead, he continued pressing forward. In fact, the Prison Epistles (Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians, and Philemon) were written during his imprisonment. Looking at the book of Philippians, we find the word “Joy” used more times than any other place in the Bible. Stop and think about that. We witness Paul pulling his purpose and strength from the Holy Spirit, NOT his circumstances. Philippians 3:12 reads Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.” This was written in PRISON. Paul was not bogged down by his past or his current situation. He stayed focused on the promises the Lord had shown him. Choosing to move forward instead of standing still or losing ground. He decided to rise above and keep moving forward instead of rejecting what he was given.

There are some things we should remember when we are tempted to settle. When we settle, we deny God the opportunity to give us what He has planned for us. We reject “His best” and accept “our good enough.” Ultimately, we push Him away! Claiming, “you know what Lord, I think I can handle this on my own.” We rob ourselves in the process. His plans for our lives lead us to prosperity (Jeremiah 29:11). But they require us to continually seek, pray, and call upon His name with all of our hearts (Jeremiah 29:12-13). Keep searching for His plans and allow them to unfold. Don’t always expect to know where He’s going to lead you next. Keep pressing forward in the Word instead of pushing Him away. Learn to incorporate and include Him into your “Escape.”

Wrapping this up, our first and primary “Escape” should be Him and His Word. Look for ways to integrate time for and with Him during your downtimes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying life’s distractions – the “Escape” from it all. Just don’t forget to find ways to rise into His Presence, Process, and Purpose along the journey. Remember not only to enjoy the things we’ve been given in this life but also to implement a system that incorporates Him and His Word in the process. Goals and priorities that advance His Kingdom here on Earth. It’s not easy and doing so isn’t entirely free. It requires daily discipline. However, you get what you pay for. As you walk closer and more aligned with His Word, you will find a much easier life and road being paved for you. One with fewer temptations. Less heartache. Less of you and more of Him. If you want more from this life, you must continue to move. Continue to press further. Knowing that through faith, He will provide you the means and the victory over the things of this world (1 John 5:4).

In conclusion, Alice delivers yet another impressive ending to another classic album. “Escape” leaves us all wanting to celebrate after a hard day’s work or when we successfully navigate through a turbulent season in life. “The Nightmare” TV Special aired April 25th, 1975 on ABC @ 11:30pm EST. Alice, special guest Vincent Price, dancers (one of whom was Sheryl Goddard Cooper), and a 9-foot cyclops performed a theatrically-based version of the “Welcome To My Nightmare” album. During “Escape,” Alice is found trying to depart from the hellish nightmare that has consumed his slumber. The song leads the viewer and listener to think it’s all just part of the show. But looking back, one has to ask. Was Alice trying to escape his own personal “Nightmare” as well? One which had him vomiting blood and relying on alcohol to help him dress and play the part of his alter ego. Miraculously, he would soon be healed and delivered, by our Lord, from the thing that ailed him most – his craving for alcohol. For that, we are very thankful and Give God All The Glory and Honor. Amen.

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