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Dead Flies (Paranormal, 2017)

“Dead Flies” Lyrics:

Please, watch your step, dear
The world is out to beat you
Don’t you know there’s cannibals
Designed to kill and eat you

You sister’s high on angel dust
And so’s your porno brother
And your phone know’s more about you
Than your daddy or your mother

They’ll drive you to the edge
And they’ll leave you to die
Infected by the venom of their vicious, viral lies
It’s all lies
We’re dead flies

Priests and Parriahs
Disguised as holy guru
Practicing their montra
Of some cybernetic voodoo

And their’s always a messiah
Preaching mass disaster
Claiming that their Jesus or Illuminati matters

They’ll drive you to the edge
And they’ll leave you to die
Infected by the venom of their vicious, viral lies
It’s all lies
We’re dead flies

It’s all lies
We’re dead flies

They’re gonna need your money
To relieve you of your stessing
They’ll take your wealth and fame
In exchange for the blessing

And they’ll kill you with their gospel
Full of psycho-babble vomit
When they make you drink the Kool-Aid
And you ride off on that comet

It’s all lies
We’re dead flies

Released in July of 2017, Paranormal is the 27th studio album by Alice Cooper. The album features three songs performed by the ‘classic’ line-up (Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway, and Michael Bruce). The album also features Alice hooking up with various other musicians such as Larry Mullen, Jr. (U2), Roger Glover (Deep Purple), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), and a few others. Many of the songs have a classic Alice vibe, almost revisiting sounds and themes from the original Alice Cooper band albums.

Dead Flies” is one of those tracks. The song is only two minutes and twenty-two seconds long but packs a HUGE punch. Alice refers to the song as an addendum to “Generation Landslide” from the Billion Dollar Babies (1973) album. It addresses the gap between generations and the issues faced today. Many of the same issues, such as sex and drugs, yet with a technological slant combined with false prophets, cults, and the typical lies that continue to mislead humanity.

Have you ever watched a fly die? Blindly spiraling out of control. Sputtering slower and slower, almost zombified. Then lifeless and cold. How lifeless have we become as a society? Not physically – everyone seems to be going nonstop. But mentally, we are very much dead or dying. Believing almost everything that our phones and the internet tell us – trusting those things more than our families, our friends, our conscience, and/or our faith. Seems a news report, a tweet, an article, a like/dislike, etc. is enough to send society into a frenzy or a love affair with everything from furry animals to political rants to the latest ‘gotta have it’ products to…well, you get the point. There was a time when folks talked to one another. Listened. Learned. Interacted. Instead, we’ve been led to a place where our internet history and the apps on our phones define who and what we are. This song does a great job bringing one to question where we are, how we got here, and what we can do about it.

Let’s look at this song from a few different perspectives. Those being: 1) Connection, 2) Acceptance, and 3) Truth.

It’s been said that every human heart is burdened with an unexplainable void. An unquenchable thirst. A longing for more. An interaction or relationship with someone or something that goes deeper. A plug for that God-shaped hole. Filling that void, which defines our very being, is a daunting task. It often finds many using drugs, alcohol, sex, or other means of connection to try and fulfill than need. But the void can’t be filled by such things. This connection is much greater. It’s what links creation to its creator. A painting to a painter. A poem to a poet. A sonnet to a composer… and so on. The Bible holds more than 49 verses about the divine connection between us and our Creator.

One of those verses, Colossians 2:19, kills two birds with one stone. It points out humanity’s desire and need to be connected to the Father while also warning believers to be mindful of ‘unspiritual minds’ that focus on the things of this world. Many of these false teachers create self-made religions (some even using the name of Christ) which deny the true nature of God. These self-made religions and philosophies focus on earthly ways to try and fill the ‘void’ (2 Timothy 4:3-4). Be mindful, question all teachings, and don’t assume all teachings are legit. Although we have been given Freedom through Christ (2 Corinthians 3:17), we must still be mindful of the things we learn and the company we keep. Look for Biblically-based ones and adhere to those.

We are motivated by the acceptance of others. However, such incentive is futile. It’s true some temporary fulfillment may be found in such acts yet being wholly satisfied by them is pure foolishness. Don’t fall for that trap. The acceptance we crave has already been fulfilled. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, has given us the invitation to live in full acceptance with and through Him. We need only ask and receive it.

The reality, though, leads us to a lifelong struggle with the tendency to continually seek the approval and acceptance of others. Learning to live in the reception of Christ may very well take a lifetime, but it is where true contentment is found. It begins with Grace. Ephesians 1:6 reads, “To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.” His mercy and grace have shown us favor. But His acceptance calls and leads us also to the full acceptance of others. As difficult as this may be, we are called to refrain from judgment (Romans 14:10-13), respect (Romans 14:14-19), love (1 Peter 3:8), and forgive (Colossians 3:12-14) others. In this manner, the acceptance of Christ not only comes from Him but also from Him dwelling within each of us. Therefore, we must work at humbly accepting the presence of others and treat them as Christ would.

Much like acceptance and connection. The human condition yearns for truth, yet the growing importance placed on connection and acceptance seems to have lowered its relevance in today’s world. Even still, have you ever heard a story or something that is just too hard to believe? There’s a certain mechanism within us that seeks certainty. We may be entertained by fiction, but the facts are what we desire. We don’t appreciate being fooled or misled. The truth of God is found in His word. And while the evidence of His existence is scientific for some, it’s not as easy for others. This is where faith is required.

Truth is a tricky thing – especially in this world. It’s tough to know exactly what stories are based on facts instead of skewed opinions. Even photos and videos can be doctored to fool and deceive readers and viewers. However, God’s word has surpassed the test of time. His word leads to the salvation of men and women (Ephesians 1:13-14). By applying faith and knowing Him, numerous lives have been transformed and spared in accordance with His word. Our true purpose for living is found within and we must continually work towards handling and knowing the actuality of this world (1 Timothy 2:15). Consequently, labor towards letting go of the fleeting passions of this world – instead embracing upright and godly lives. Lives filled with the Truth of His word.

In conclusion, we’ve become so enamored with the connection and acceptance of others that we are willing to overlook the truth. Following, connecting, and liking anything or anyone willing to receive our company or attention. The lies have truly converted the mass populous into ‘Dead Flies’. Mindless drones led by the light of Androids & Apples, pills & thrills, and/or empty promises & false prosperity. The eternal Truth of Salvation, the exact source for connection and acceptance, has not changed. It is still as freely attainable and available as it has ever been. If you have not reached out for Him, there’s no day better than the present. If you have already but have become consumed by the things of this world, recommit your life. Place Him back at the forefront. And for those walking in His presence, help those around to see His Light in you – helping them to instead focus on His word. His acceptance. A connection with Him. And His Truth.

“Holy Spirit, we ask that you intervene when we feel unaccepted and disconnected. We ask that you would separate us from the lies of the enemy. Replacing those lies with your Truth. Your Will. Your ways. Shine Light on our lives and our paths. And may that Light permeate outwards on to every person that encounters our presence. May they meet you through our actions and our walk. May they come to know you as we do. Our Light. Our Hope. Our Way. Your Way. The Truth. AMEN.”

Have you accepted Christ as your Savior?

If you would like to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, please pray the following prayer:

"God, I believe in you and your son Jesus Christ.  I believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave to save me. Today, I invite Jesus into my heart to stay.  I make you Lord over my life. Make me new. Wash me, Lord, and cleanse me. In Jesus Name, Amen"

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