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Under The Bed (Welcome 2 My Nightmare, 2011)

The above video is a mash-up of “Under The Bed” combined with Welcome To My Nightmare and Black Widow

(This song, by itself, is only available on the Welcome 2 My Nightmare fan pack, Best Buy release, and Amazon Music –
if you’ve never heard it do yourself a favor and find a copy!)

“Under The Bed” Lyrics:

I know they’re under the bed, That’s where they hide
I know they need to be fed every night
They live deep under the bed, way down below
I found the skin that they shed coz they’ eat there, and they bred there
And they grow..

Save me; I can’t take any more
Coz it’s happening again
I’ve had this nightmare before
And I know how it ends
How it ends

My cat went under the bed and disappeared
All we found was a tail and a paw and an ear
I know they’re talkin’ ’bout me when it’s dark, not light
They don’t like to be seen coz they growl there, and they laugh there, and they bite

Save me; I can’t take any more
Coz it’s happening again
I’ve had this nightmare before
And I know how it ends
How it ends

Save me; I can’t take any more
Coz it’s happening again
I’ve had this nightmare before
And I know how it ends
How it ends

This week we revisit Welcome 2 My Nightmare released in 2011. While the album is a continuation of Steven’s dreams and nightmares found on the original Welcome to My Nightmare LP, it is also related to Alice Cooper Goes To Hell as well. The concept is a combination of the previously mentioned albums, but these nightmares are different. These songs are the things that would haunt Alice during this period – not the Alice of the 70s but the millennial Alice. Songs like “Runaway Train,” “I’ll Bite Your Face Off,” “Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever,” “When Hell Comes Home,” and “Something To Remember Me By” shed light on multiple scenarios. These songs offer up a dialogue about tragedies, terrors, and things that not only disturb our slumber but for many, are a reality. Hints of the original Welcome To My Nightmare LP are scattered throughout the music and layout, as well.

Every song on the record is worth talking about, but this week “Under The Bed” is our focus. A song that finds Steven (or anyone really) crying out for help. The things that have haunted him in the past that have slowly made their way into the present. The song is disturbing. It has you sympathizing with the victim. You feel the agony and pain as they slowly drift back to a time when this thing controlled them. A time they fear. As they scream out, “Save me, I can’t take anymore,” you are pulled into their psyche, almost afraid for them. As they continue, “It’s happening again,” you realize they’re not just caught in a one-time issue – they are caught in a web.

We know the song is referencing the Nightmare (or monsters living under the bed). However, how many other scenarios could this be suggesting as well? Addiction? Temptation? Spiritual warfare? Honestly, any number of variables and scenarios could fit here. However, what’s undeniable is that this person has reached the end of their rope – their threshold for coping and enduring this horror alone is at an end. They need help – salvation from the nightmare. Is there anything that could have prevented this from happening again?

Asking for help is significant, and recognizing the benefit and need for assistance is a tremendous step in the right direction. However, we must also learn to find ways to keep things from escalating to a level we can’t manage as well – developing a safety net or a prevention plan, so to speak. Paul was adamant about the need for us to help bear each other’s burdens. Galatians 6:1-3 reads, Dear brothers and sisters, if another believer is overcome by some sin, you who are godly should gently and humbly help that person back onto the right path. And be careful not to fall into the same temptation yourself. Share each other’s burdens, and in this way, obey the law of Christ. If you think you are too important to help someone, you are only fooling yourself.” In these words, we find direct instruction from our Lord. We should never feel as if we have to walk alone. While it is asked of us to do our best on our own, we should never compare ourselves to another. Instead, we should use Christ as our example.

We can’t expect every burden we carry to be shared by those we walk with here on this earth, but it’s possible to share the load – to “do life together.” Our Heavenly Father should also be talked to through simple prayer about every need and concern we have. It’s true, He already knows what we lack and what we want in this world, but He desires a relationship with us – to be sought out – to help guide His children through this life. Guide and love us through His wisdom and strength (1 Chronicles 16:11). By doing so, we allow Him to direct and redirect our priorities (Matthew 6:33, Luke 10:38-42, Luke 12:22-24). So, what does all this mean? How does this all relate to the monsters or fears “Under The Bed”?

The things that keep us awake at night or haunt our dreams are usually private and held close to our hearts. However, shedding light on such fears and darkness can abolish them. For example, when you were a child, do you remember seeing “monsters” in your room, lurking in the dark, yet when the lights are turned on, you find it’s only a stuffed animal? As adults, the enemy allows those same “monsters” to disguise the truth and have us fear things that are not a threat. Instead of believing those lies, let God turn on the lights.

Our most significant concerns and challenges need to be met head-on by the body of Christ – other believers we know and trust. In turn, this helps expose those things we fear most instead of allowing them to dwell and fester in the night. Whether it’s a small group from your church, a close group of friends, or maybe even members of your family, the best way to navigate such trials is through a network of people you are willing to fellowship with. Others ready to share the things that trouble you in the night (and even during the day). The longer you walk alone, restless, and fearful, the more power you give to the things of this world. If you allow them to, they will consume your heart and mind (Matthew 6:19, Luke 12:34). Instead, we find strength in numbers. Ecclesiastes 4:9-11 reads, “ Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. Likewise, two people lying close together can keep each other warm. But how can one be warm alone?” The Bible gives us multiple examples of the need for cooperation and collaboration.

Let’s look at three Biblical examples that teach us the need for alliance and association.

Nehemiah devises a plan (Nehemiah 4:15-23)
God placed Nehemiah in a position that allowed him to rebuild the city walls of Jerusalem. Through persistence and prayer, Nehemiah organizes and motivates the people to work together as a team. As they construct the wall, Israel faces constant attacks from their enemies, yet they persevere…rebuilding the structure in a mere 52 days. The Israelites accomplished this task by distributing their duties. Half would stand guard as the other half worked on the wall. A trumpeter also accompanied Nehemiah, ready to sound the alarm warning all Israelites of any harm or detriment that may be headed towards them. Something else miraculous happened as they completed the project. The Spirit of God descended upon them, unifying their efforts and driving out the spirit of fear and uncertainty. Working together as an organized, well-knit unit, led by God, they were able to accomplish the impossible – and in record time.

Jesus and His 12 Disciples (Mark 6:7-13)
Christ called on twelve disciples for Him to teach, and they followed Him. These men played a significant role in His ministry by representing the original 12 tribes of Israel and becoming the basis for a new Israel – the Body of Christ. What’s interesting about these verses is that we find Christ sending these men out in pairs to begin ministering to others. They were sent out with nothing more than their staff, their robe, their sandals, and each other. They were taught to rely on God for everything else. Imagine what that must have felt like. They may have been fearful about how they would survive, but they learned to rely on God and one another in the process. By doing so, they were able to cast out demons and heal sick people in the name of Christ. Faith and a unified determination to do Christ’s work drove away their fear of not knowing where shelter and food would come next.

Growth of the Kingdom founded in Love (Ephesians 4:15-16)
As we learn more about the nature of our Risen Lord, we find His truth grounded in Love. That truth moves through His Spirit. As His followers, we begin to notice that by working as a team, not as individuals, we are more efficient and accomplish more than we ever thought possible. A unified body of believers is one that can achieve the impossible. Notice that it’s not the number that matters; it is the dedication and unity of the “Body” that drives out fear. Whether it is an entire city working together or just two individuals, the commitment to follow Christ is what strengthens the bond – a triple-braided cord is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12). The Body of Christ is a group held together by His Love, which moves, grows, and builds itself up through the power of the Holy Spirit. His Spirit and the support of other believers drive out the spirit of fear. Knowing that God and other followers of Christ are standing ready to defend you and endure life’s encounters with you is a powerful tool. One the enemy cannot defeat.

Wrapping this up, these examples show us the power of teamwork. A unified front against the enemy drives away the spirit of fear. The phrase “fear not” is used over 80 times in the Bible. If you are redeemed and call Him Lord, YOU ARE HIS (Isaiah 43:1). Being one of His redeemed children, you begin to start seeing your fear shift to faith. As His Perfect Love consumes you, you find fear being cast out (1 John 4:18). With His Love also comes His presence – His strength, His comfort, and His guidance. A respectable amount of this outlook is spiritual, but we can’t ignore the mental aspects. The battlefield of the mind is a powerful place. God places others in our lives to help sharpen and strengthen us (Proverbs 27:17).

Notice how the examples listed above find brothers & sisters working together. Also, pay close attention to Nehemiah having a warning system (the trumpeter) in place when trouble was on the horizon. Knowing there are demons or pitfalls in your past and sharing those with trusted individuals allows you the opportunity to set up a prevention plan. Someone or someplace where you can sound the alarm. Someone or someplace that is willing to be there at any time, day or night, when and if ‘they’ come for looking for you. But with that, remember this, YOU ARE HIS – redeemed, loved, and treasured. Fear not, for with that Love comes His protection. Amen.

In conclusion, this song is powerful. Chilling, yet also comforting – knowing that He is there to save us when we cry out in the night. Do you remember a time when you felt this way? Maybe you still do. Hopefully, this post has given you some insight and direction on how and what you should do to find rest instead of angst, worry, or torment. Welcome 2 My Nightmare is an album full of insight and thought. In every track, there’s an a-ha moment that stops you dead in your tracks. That moment of revelation that makes you ask, “Am I headed towards the right destination?” That moment of surprise and doubt is replaced by hope and victory if you know, believe, and apply His Truth.

The Lord has given Alice the ability to challenge us and keep us motivated. Motivated in our faith. Motivated to keep those demons cast out – back to the depths where they belong. Alice has a way of helping us keep our eyes looking forward. Forward towards our Savior. Eyes locked on Him. Keep them there, for if you look down, you may find yourself sinking in the water, but if we work together and focus on our relationship with Him, we will find ourselves walking on water with Him and continue to accomplish the impossible in His name.

That’s it for this week. Be well and see you next Friday.

In the meantime, Keep Walkin’ in Faith and Rockin’ with Alice!

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